Strength & Conditioning


With respect, hard work, and love for the game, there is nothing our team cannot accomplish. We must commit ourselves to obtaining our complete potential. Every action that you choose must have the TEAM in mind. Tough times will occur, but that is when we will show our loyalty to the team and perservere through those tough times. There will be no special treatment for any individuals because we know a team must be treated as one. Winning is fun, but we are never satisfied. There are no shortcuts to success.


I. We are dedicated to develop in all aspects of life; mentally, physically, and spiritually.

II. We know that we are students first and athletes second, and obtaining our degree is key to our success.

III. Improve functional speed and quickness.

IV. Develop mental and physical toughness.

V. Build confidence.



Matt Friend
Eureka College
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, C.S.C.S.
Assistant Football Coach
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Assistant Track and Field Coach